Guidelines for guests

Please put Cell phones in flightmode during dinner session

Note that strong perfume or after shave can hinder scent

Please avoid video recordings

Photos without flash is more suitable for the occasion

cash free restaurant 

Allergy and dietary information

Due to practical facts and culinary aspects we are NOT able to accommodate GLUTEN, SOY, MILKPROTEIN, EGG, SESAME, FISH, LUPINE, LEGUME, CITRUS FRUIT or SEAFOOD allergies. If you or co-guest have Allergies against ALMONDS, PEANUTS or any other NUT You/they enter the restaurant at their/your own risk.

If we need to substitute GLUTEN or MILKPROTEIN a fee of 250 Sek might be added to your final bill at the restaurant do to production costs and special ingredients needed.

Rice, fish or seafood can not be excluded from any dish do to dietary restrictions.

There can be small amounts of alcohol in any of our dishes do to the traditional culinary use of sake or other spirit in some preparations, we are not able to accommodate religious restrictions regarding food.

We can not cater for vegetarians or vegan guests and the menu is unlikely suited for infants or young children.

Do to the layout of the restaurant It can be difficult for people in wheelchair.

We will accommodate allergies regarding lactose, mustard, celery or apple.

CONTACT us at 14 days prior to arrival!

We accommodate pregnant women and make small changes for the lucky mom to be. We need to be informed at least

3 days before arrival.

please inform us at:

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